I wrote the words that make up The Sword That Saves story. But the story is not mine. I, like you, am its guardian.

It is my responsibility to write the story that is given to me and to tell everyone about it. Of course I also benefit financially. My dream is to make enough money one day to be able to commit myself full-time to writing the story. But even if I make not a penny as its writer I will not stop writing the story nor sharing it with the world.

Because I believe that it is a story that can change the world. We live in a beautiful world but not one without suffering. There will always be Light and Darkness but that does not mean there will always be suffering. If The Sword That Saves is anything, it is a story about ending suffering. It is a story that might open the eyes of the readers to the possibility of living their lives without suffering. That is why I write the story. That a reader might suddenly forget what they know, and know what they have forgotten: know that they are the 'ocean.'

So, as a guardian like me, how can you help? Well first, thank you for wanting to help! I am so grateful. Now here are the practical steps you can take:

1. Write a review

Follow the appropriate Amazon link for the store where you bought your copy

2. Tell your friends and family

Word of mouth is still the most powerful way to spread the story.

3. Ask your library to get copies

Libraries are vital for getting the book into the hands of those who cannot afford to buy the books. If you are at school then see if the school library will bring it in. If they agree to have it but cannot afford it then please contact me directly at ambrose@ambrosemerrell.com and if I can then I will send copies directly to your school library. Also try your local library and request copies.

4. Anything else you can think of!

If you have any other ideas then go for it. If you need my help then contact me: ambrose@ambrosemerrell.com