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If you would like to find out a bit more about Zen, Tao and what 'waking up' is all about then I have gathered together links to audio, videos, websites and books that might help you. Or not. No one ever knows what's actually going to help pierce the veil. Especially since there is no veil to pierce.

Look! I'm talking in Zen riddles! I must be 'woke.'

Narrator: He wasn't.



There is a wealth of information on the internet about aikido, samurai and budo. Some of it good, lots of it truly dreadful and misleading. In this section I've tried to pull together some of the better resources to help you on your way.



Mental health is, at last, a topic that people are becoming more comfortable talking about. I have made a point of being open with my dance with depression. Just as I have been open about when I have a cold and I'm at death's door and *EVERYONE* needs to know about it and sympathise. And bring me *LARGE* quantities of chocolate. Illness is illness, mental or physical.

Depression and suicide are topics that appear in The Sword That Saves. Some of you who read it will also have experience with the dance with depression and perhaps have suicidal thoughts. So I want to share my journey with mental illness and perhaps, in some small way, help those who go on a similar journey or know someone who does.



Where did the story of The Sword That Saves come from? Did Ambrose meticulously plan the plot over years?

Ha! Ambrose hasn't meticulously planned a thing in his whole life. He's stumbled his way from one monumental cock-up to the next. He didn't even plan to write this section in the 3rd person. But now he's started he isn't entirely sure how to stop. So he's pushing on, bravely.

Anyway. If anyone is interested in where the story came from then click the blue button and read on.

In the meantime Ambrose is going to see if he is stuck in this hell of talking about himself in the 3rd person or if he can fight his way out. He just hopes he's not trapped in something really tough, like a wet paper bag, or he could be writing this way for the rest of his life...