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Three siblings have been torn apart. But power and inner peace await if they can save Japan from a medieval terror…

The Sword That Saves is the incredible debut series from author Ambrose Merrell. Discover more about the book series, Ambrose Merrell, and the real Kensho who inspired (and possibly more) the story.

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About The Osawa Scrolls

Three siblings have been torn apart. But power and inner peace await if they can save Japan from a medieval terror…

After the traumatic loss of his parents, fifteen-year-old Sam vows to battle his anger and protect his little sisters. But with all three siblings fostered out across Vancouver, he fears he’ll never reunite his family. When a mysterious martial arts master offers to help, Sam surprisingly gets his loved ones back before they’re thrown through time…

Plunged into feudal Japan, Sam discovers he must train night and day to defend powerful scrolls from an ancient evil. But learning to control his swirl of emotions won’t be enough to defeat Darkness. Sam’s sisters must also harness their special abilities before the powerful evil consumes the world.

Can the three siblings embrace their powers in time to prevent the end of humanity?

The Osawa Scrolls is the first book in the action-packed The Sword That Saves YA fantasy series. If you like honourable heroes, legendary magic, and martial arts wisdom, then you’ll love Ambrose Merrell’s time-bending adventure.



The first three books in The Sword That Saves series will be launched autumn 2019. Books four, five and beyond are following. The story is just beginning...

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"When my own grandson reaches his teens, I'll present 'The Sword That Saves' to him with as much hope and reverence as a master swordsman passes his teacher's katana to his own disciple."

Savitr Ishaya

"The Sword that Saves is a gripping novel that has many compelling twists and turns. Every page holds a new question, followed by half an answer that leads you to another question. Every time you think you've figured something out everything changes. 

There are so many great characters and settings woven throughout the story that is almost impossible to put down. When I pick it up I can feel myself sucked into modern day Vancouver, before being flung back into 16th century Japan."

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SOME Amazon UK, Canada and USA Reviews

Fantastic story by debut author! A beautifully well-written book and definitely one for adults as well as teens. I don't know much about the history of Japan or Aikido, so found the detail interesting without being overwhelming. The characters are well rounded and very relatable and the story was very well thought out. I read a lot of adventure, fantasy and sci-fi books and of everything I've read recently this has been, by far, the most compelling. I eagerly await the next installment...

This is a fantastic adventure! It's a great unfolding story supported by universal lessons of hope, courage and perseverance. My son loved it and is looking forward to a sequel.

Great book! Found this book by accident and took a chance on buying it. Great read. Think I'm in at the start of something and can't wait to read the next part (hope there will be one). The detail is amazing and as I'm into manga and samurai and all stuff like that this is just great...

Reverend Kensho Furuya

The late Reverend Kensho Furuya was a Zen priest, an aikido master, an iaido (Japanese swordsmanship) master, and a world expert on samurai swords. He was also my friend.

He wrote a book called Kodo: Ancient Ways that I stumbled upon and began to read. It was filled with wonderful stories about Japanese martial artists from years gone by. I learnt so much, not just about aikido and the martial arts, but about how to live life. 

Kensho and I began to exchange emails and we became friends. However, I lived in England and he lived in Los Angeles so it was difficult for us to meet. The years passed by until at last I was due to visit him and meet him face to face in April 2007. But on the 6th March 2007 he suddenly died.

At the very least Kensho has been a huge inspiration for The Sword That Saves. But I believe his role was much more than just that.

More information about Reverend Kensho Furuya can be found through his dojo:

Aikido Center of Los Angeles

ambrose merrell

Ambrose Merrell grew up playing in the fields around Cambridge, England and dreaming of adventures in the Misty Mountains.

For a decade he ran a software business. A nervous breakdown and depression sent him spiralling down towards suicide.

His training in the martial art, aikido, along with the Tao Te Ching and Zen Buddhism brought him back.

Then, from somewhere unknowable, the story that became The Sword That Saves was given to him and he began to write. He has not stopped.

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